Why is My Cash App Screen Black? How to Fix a Blacked Out App

Why Is My Cash App Screen Black

Have you ever opened the Cash App only to be greeted by a black, empty screen? You tap around, trying to understand why the app isn’t working, to no avail.

A black screen on the Cash App can be annoying and prevent you from sending money, checking your balance, and more. So why is your Cash App screen suddenly black, and how can you fix it?

A black Cash App screen is usually caused by minor technical issues like an outdated app, connectivity problems, or the need to restart your device. With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you’ll usually be able to get the app working again quickly.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover:

  • Quick fixes to try when your Cash App is blacked out
  • The main reasons why your Cash App screen would suddenly turn black
  • Steps to troubleshoot and resolve the most common issues causing a black screen
  • What to do if your Cash App is still having problems after trying to fix it

Knowing exactly why your Cash App isn’t working and how to get it up and running again will save you time and frustration. Let’s start by looking at some quick fixes you can immediately attempt when encountering a black screen.

Try These Quick Fixes for a Black Cash App Screen

Before going through the steps to troubleshoot your blacked-out Cash App, here are a few quick and easy fixes you should try first:

Force Quit and Relaunch the App

A simple restart or force quit can resolve a lot of minor app glitches. Double-tap the home button to force quit on an iPhone and swipe up on the Cash App preview to close it. On Android, open the app switcher and swipe the Cash App away.

After fully closing out of the app, restart it and check if the Cash App loads correctly without a black screen.

Update to the Latest Version of the App

Using an outdated version of the Cash App with bugs can cause crashing and other problems. Ensure you’ve updated to the latest version available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

The Cash App team frequently releases new versions that squash bugs, patch security flaws, and add helpful features. Updating gives you the most stable release.

Restart Your Mobile Device

If force closing the Cash App didn’t work, fully reboot your iPhone or Android device next. Restarting clears out any glitched data and memory leaks that could be causing app crashes and a black screen.

Hold the power and home button together to restart an iPhone 8 or earlier until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. Hold the side or top button and volume down simultaneously for newer iPhones.

On Android, hold down the power button and tap Restart when prompted. After restarting your phone, open the Cash App again.

Check for Software Updates

Outdated iOS and Android versions can cause performance issues, bugs, and app crashes that lead to a black screen.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update on iPhone to update iOS. Open Settings > System > System Update for Android to get the latest OS version.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Temporary cell signal and connectivity issues may prevent loading the Cash App.

Turn on Airplane mode for 30 seconds, then turn it off and try opening the Cash App again. Toggling Airplane mode cycles your cell radio and reconnects you to the network, often fixing temporary connection problems.

Delete and Reinstall the App

If your Cash App still shows a black screen, deleting and reinstalling the app can wipe out any corrupted files or cached data, causing issues.

Press and hold the Cash App icon on an iPhone until it starts jiggling, then tap the X to delete. Press and hold the icon on Android, then drag it to Uninstall.

Then, go back to the App Store or Play Store to redownload and install the latest version of the Cash App. Log back into your account after reinstalling.

Hopefully, using one of those quick fixes resolves the black screen and immediately gets your Cash App working again. If not, don’t worry – we can try a few more steps.

Common Reasons for a Black Cash App Screen

In most cases where the Cash App screen is suddenly black, there is a minor technical issue behind it. Here are the most common reasons you may see a black screen when opening the app:

Outdated App Version

Failing to update the Cash App can introduce bugs and glitches that cause crashes and black screens. The developers frequently release new versions that fix bugs, improve performance, and add features.

But if your app needs to be updated, you miss all those critical updates. Using an old, unsupported app version vastly increases the chances of getting a black screen.

Connectivity Issues

The Cash App can only load your profile, balance, transaction history, and other essential data with an internet connection.

A poor cell signal in your current location, being connected to a slow or overloaded Wi-Fi network, having your data connection temporarily cut out – any of these connectivity problems can cause a black screen.

Corrupted App Cache

The app cache stores temporary data and images, so the Cash App doesn’t need to redownload them each time. But sometimes, this cached data gets corrupted or glitched, which disrupts app functionality.

A corrupted app cache is a common source of crashes, freezes, and black screens in many apps beyond Cash App. Clearing out the corrupted cache often fixes things.

Jailbroken or Rooted Device

Jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android device lets you modify core system files and settings. However, this breaks some of the default security measures.

For security reasons, Cash App does not support jailbroken or rooted devices. Using Cash App on a modified device frequently causes crashes, authentication errors, and black screens.

Out of Storage Space

To function correctly, apps need free storage space on your device for program files, cached data and app updates.

If your iPhone or Android is entirely out of free Storage, apps can encounter issues. Lack of storage space can lead to crashes, laggy performance, and black screens.

Restricted Region

Cash App is only available in some countries worldwide. If you attempt to use Cash App in a restricted country or region, the app will detect your location and block access.

Accessing Cash App from an unsupported country will cause a black screen when opening the app. You must use a VPN or IP address from a supported region to bypass the restrictions.

Account Security Block

Rapid account switching, suspicious payments, using unofficial apps, or other abnormal account activity may cause Cash App to restrict your account temporarily.

If your account gets blocked for security reasons, the Cash App will show a black screen when opening the app. You’ll need to contact support to verify your identity and have the restrictions removed.

System Software or Hardware Problems

Issues with your device’s operating system, like iOS bugs or Android glitches, can end up causing problems for apps. Unrelated system crashes, or freezes might also create a black screen in the Cash App.

Faulty device hardware like a broken screen, bad motherboard, or defective RAM will also commonly disrupt apps and lead to crashes or black screens.

As you can see, there are a variety of technical issues that can cause the sudden black screen in your Cash App. Now that we’ve covered the primary reasons let’s go through the specific troubleshooting steps for each one.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Black Cash App Screen

Based on the common causes above, here are the detailed steps to resolve the specific issues leading to a blacked-out Cash App screen:

Update to the Latest Cash App Version

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or Play Store on Android.
  2. Search for “Cash App” and select the app.
  3. Check if an Update option is available on the Cash App page and install the latest version.
  4. If already updated, uninstall and reinstall the Cash App to get a fresh copy of the app.

Fix Cellular Data and Wi-Fi connectivity Issues

  1. Enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds, then turn it off to reconnect to the network.
  2. Move to an area with stronger cellular reception.
  3. Connect your phone to a different, stable Wi-Fi network.
  4. Reset your network settings on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  5. Verify your cellular data plan is active and you can browse the web and use other apps.

Clear App Cache and Data

  1. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cash App on an iPhone. Tap Clear Cache and Offload App.
  2. On Android, open Settings > Apps > Cash App. Tap Storage> Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  3. Or uninstall and reinstall the app to wipe the cache and data completely.

Check for and Install Software Updates

  1. On iPhone, open Settings > General > Software Update. Install any iOS updates available.
  2. For Android, go to Settings > System > System update. Install new Android OS updates if available.
  3. Restart your device after installing significant updates.

Remove Jailbreak or Root

  1. You’ll need to either backup your data and factory reset your device to un-root or un-jailbreak it.
  2. Or follow a guide specific to your phone model to remove root access or the jailbreak.
  3. Cash App should load properly after removing unsupported device modifications.

Free Up More Device Storage

  1. Check your available storage space in Settings. Delete unused apps, photos, videos, and music.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall bloated apps to clear their data.
  3. Move photos/videos to cloud storage instead of locally stored.
  4. Upgrade to a phone with more internal storage capacity if needed.

Use a VPN or a Different IP Address

  1. To bypass regional restrictions, install a trusted VPN app that works in your country.
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the United States or another supported country.
  3. Alternatively, access Cash App on a network with an IP address from a supported region.

Contact Cash App Support

  1. If you still see a black screen, reach out to Cash App Support in the app or at support.cash.app.
  2. Explain your situation and the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried.
  3. The support team can further troubleshoot and resolve account restrictions or application issues.

Now you have a complete process to methodically troubleshoot and fix the most common issues causing a black Cash App screen. While frustrating, a bit of phone or app restarting, updating, reinstalling, or contacting support should get things working correctly again.

What to Do If Your Cash App is Still Blacked Out

Hopefully, at this point, following either the quick fixes or detailed troubleshooting guide has successfully resolved the black screen in your Cash App. But in case it’s still not working correctly, here are a few final things you can try:

  • Try deleting and reinstalling the app one more time after restarting your device.
  • Double-check for any pending app, iOS, or Android updates to install.
  • Make sure background app refresh is enabled for Cash App.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi calling and Cellular Data options off and back on.
  • Monitor your connection using the app Network Speed Test to check for issues.
  • If jailbroken or rooted, the only option may be to un-jailbreak and factory reset.
  • You may need to replace your screen or have other repairs done for hardware issues.
  • Contact Cash App support about major technical ongoing problems as a last resort.

While troubleshooting can be time-consuming, following this comprehensive guide to fix Cash App’s black screen will save you from frustration and let you reaccess your money. Remembering these tips will help you get the app running smoothly again much quicker next time you encounter issues.

With the ease and convenience of paying friends, free custom debit cards, and the ability to invest in stocks or bitcoin, it’s no wonder why Cash App is so widely used. Don’t let a pesky black screen keep you from taking advantage of all the app’s financial features.

Did you find these troubleshooting steps helpful for resolving your black screen in the Cash App? Let us know in the comments if you have any other fixes or advice for when the app stops working correctly!

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