Cold Stone Career

Cold Stone Career

Have you ever walked into a Cold Stone Creamery and thought, I want to work here! Cold Stone exudes fun with its lively atmosphere of singing employees, colorful decor, and the sweet aroma of fresh ice cream.

So, how do you land an ice cream dream job and build a rewarding career at Cold Stone Creamery?

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn everything about Cold Stone careers, including job openings, pay, training, interview tips, advancement opportunities, and a typical day for Cold Stone crew members.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or a full-time management role, see why working at this iconic ice creamery is an opportunity you want to take advantage of.

An Overview of Cold Stone and Its Store Experience

Before learning about careers, let’s quickly recap what Cold Stone is about.

Founded in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery is a leading ice cream franchise known for customizing every order on a frozen granite stone. Customers can create their ice cream masterpiece by selecting a signature flavor, mixing ingredients, and, finally, a topping swirled throughout.

This personalized, interactive experience is what makes Cold Stone so unique. From ice cream cakes, shakes, and smoothies to take-home pints – every cold creation is handcrafted on the spot.

With over 1,500 locations worldwide, Cold Stone prioritizes delivering consistent service with a smile. The lively atmosphere keeps crew members engaged as they mix ice cream while singing along to popular songs playing throughout the store.

Now that you have a feel for the Cold Stone experience let’s explore the job opportunities available to become part of this fun team.

Cold Stone Career Options: What Jobs Are Available?

Cold Stone Creamery offers full-time and part-time jobs across its corporate and franchised locations.

Some of the most common positions include:

Ice Cream Makers

Ice Cream Makers make up the front lines of any Cold Stone store. Their primary responsibilities involve customizing each customer order using the signature Cold Stone ice cream-making process.

This includes greeting customers, asking questions to understand preferences, creating personalized ice cream orders on the frozen granite stone, and maintaining speed of service. Ice Cream Makers also ensure proper sanitation when preparing orders and keep the store clean.

It’s a very hands-on, customer-facing role that sets the tone for the Cold Stone experience. Previous customer service experience is preferred for this entry-level position.

Shift Leaders

Shift Leaders are responsible for managing daily operations and overseeing the performance of Ice Cream Makers on duty. They delegate tasks, maintain speed of service standards, handle inventory, and ensure the store is appropriately opened and closed daily.

Shift Leaders must have excellent customer service and communication skills to lead team members. Prior experience working as an Ice Cream Maker is often required before advancing to this role.

Assistant Store Managers

Assistant Managers support the Store Manager with higher-level administrative and operational tasks. This includes managing inventory controls, ordering supplies, developing schedules, reporting sales activity and metrics, handling cash procedures, and training staff.

They also fill in as acting managers when needed. Assistant Managers must have strong leadership abilities to help ensure the store runs smoothly while providing excellent customer service. Prior retail management experience is preferred.

Store Managers

The Store Manager oversees the entire operation of a Cold Stone location. They are responsible for achieving performance goals related to sales, profitability, customer satisfaction, and quality control.

Store Managers hire and train staff, manage budgets, ensure compliance with policies and procedures, and handle customer complaints. Strong business acumen and experience working in a retail store are required.

A Day in the Life: What’s it Like Working at Cold Stone?

What is it like working behind the scenes at Cold Stone Creamery? Here’s an inside look at typical daily duties:

Opening the Store

The openers arrive in the morning to prepare the store for customers. Tasks include:

  • Disarming the security system
  • Turning on lights, music, and ice cream machines
  • Thoroughly cleaning the entire store
  • Restocking ingredients and toppings
  • Portioning out cookie dough, brownies, and other inclusions
  • Organizing display cases and counters

Once prepped, they unlock the doors and flip the “Open” sign!

The Rush

From noon to late afternoon, the store gets bustling. Lines can be out the door during peak times. Team members must work quickly and efficiently to deliver Cold Stone’s signature customer service.

Responsibilities involve:

  • Greeting every customer with enthusiasm
  • Creating customized ice cream orders
  • Singing and entertaining customers
  • Operating the cash register for transactions
  • Ensuring speed of service standards are met
  • Answering questions and providing samples
  • Clearing tables and maintaining cleanliness

Closing Shifts

At night’s end, closers clean and shut down the store. This includes:

  • Discarding expired products
  • Filling out inventory and waste sheets
  • Thoroughly cleaning equipment and store interior
  • Restocking inclusions, cups, spoons, etc.
  • Closing out the cash drawer and processing credit cards
  • Locking up and arming the security system

Working at Cold Stone requires energy and stamina but brings tons of rewards!

Cold Stone Creamery Benefits: Why it’s Awesome to Work Here

Not only is working at Cold Stone fun, but it also offers excellent benefits that employees love:

Competitive Wages

Cold Stone pays competitive hourly wages to other ice cream shops and quick service restaurants. Pay rates start at minimum wage for entry-level roles but quickly increase based on position, experience, and tenure. There’s also the potential to earn quarterly bonuses.

Store managers earn upwards of $50,000 annually at busier, high-volume locations.

Employee Discounts

Who wouldn’t want discounts on delicious Cold Stone ice cream? Employees enjoy free or heavily discounted frozen treats during shifts. Other perks like discounts on merchandise are available.

Flexible Scheduling

Cold Stone accommodates availability preferences and school schedules, especially for students seeking part-time roles. While shifts on evenings, weekends, and holidays are the busiest, flexibility is offered when possible.

Bonus Incentives

Cold Stone crew members can earn bonuses for achieving performance goals around customer satisfaction, sales increases, and completing training courses.

Advancement Opportunities

Career-minded individuals can start as entry-level Ice Cream makers and move up to Shift Leader, Assistant Store Manager, and Store Manager. The ability to progress makes Cold Stone an attractive long-term career option.

Tuition Assistance Programs

Some corporate locations offer tuition reimbursement programs to help employees pay for continuing education and college degrees. Courses need to relate to your role and career goals at Cold Stone.

Retirement Savings Plans

Corporate stores provide 401K plans, allowing employees to save a portion of paychecks tax-free for retirement. The company may match contributions up to a certain percentage.

Healthcare Benefits

Full-time corporate staff and management qualify for comprehensive health insurance plans, including medical, dental, and vision. Options exist to cover family members, too.

With perks like these, Cold Stone offers much more than just a paycheck. The benefits create happy, loyal employees who reflect the brand’s fun culture.

What Do Cold Stone Employees Earn? Getting Paid to Scoop Ice Cream

We’ve established working at Cold Stone comes with nice perks, but exactly how much does it pay?

While wages vary across franchised and corporate locations, here are the typical earnings:

  • Ice Cream Makers – $10-$12 per hour
  • Shift Leaders – $12-$14 per hour
  • Assistant Managers – $14-$18 per hour
  • Store Managers – $40,000-$50,000 salary range

Pay rates depend on factors like:

  • Experience – more experienced employees earn higher starting wages
  • Location – stores in larger metro areas or cities with higher costs of living tend to pay more
  • Tenure – raises kick in around the 6-month and 1-year anniversaries

Bonuses, tips, and annual raises also boost total compensation. While entry-level roles offer minimum wage, management positions’ earning potential rises quickly.

Ready to Apply? Tips for the Cold Stone Hiring Process

Ready to start your Cold Stone career? Here’s a step-by-step overview of the hiring process:

Online Application

Visit the Cold Stone careers website and select the “Apply Now” button on your desired role. Submit your contact details, resume, and availability, and complete some basic screening questions.

Applications are accepted continuously, so check often for open positions.

In-Person Interview

If your application looks promising, the Store Manager will call to schedule an interview. This is your chance to shine! Come prepared to discuss your strengths and qualifications. Highlight any previous customer service or food service experience.

Interviews are usually 15-30 minutes and include questions like:

  • Why do you want to work at Cold Stone?
  • What are your favorite Cold Stone flavors and mix-ins?
  • How would you provide excellent customer service?
  • How do you handle a demanding customer?
  • Are you comfortable singing and entertaining guests?
  • What is your availability – nights, weekends, holidays?
  • What are your career goals long term?

Sell your people skills, upbeat attitude, and reliability to stand out. These traits are vital for delivering the Cold Stone experience.

Background Check

Upon a conditional job offer, candidates must pass a criminal background check. Legal name, date of birth, and SSN are required to run the screen.

Paid Training

New hires complete 2 days of paid training at the store to learn procedures, sanitation, safety, customer service, and, of course – making the signature Cold Stone ice cream!

Hands-on practice helps cement new skills like perfecting mixing techniques and memorizing ingredient options. Trainees receive their uniform and are soon scooping cones alongside experienced crew.

With these simple hiring steps, you’ll be ready to dish out delicious ice cream creations quickly!

5 Pro Tips to Ace Your Cold Stone Interview

You nailed the application and now have your Cold Stone interview scheduled. Time to prepare!

Follow these 5 tips to have a stellar interview and land the job:

1. Research the Company

Study the Cold Stone website and read the company’s history and core values. This shows enthusiasm for the brand.

2 Dress Appropriately

While Cold Stone has a casual environment, you still want to look professional. Wear tidy, clean clothes – collared shirts and khaki pants are perfect.

3. Practice Answering Questions

Rehearse potential questions out loud to polish your responses. Emphasize your positive attitude, teamwork, and customer focus.

4. Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time. This makes a solid first impression and shows punctuality.

5. Ask Good Questions

When they ask if you have questions, be ready with 1 or 2 thoughtful ones. This conveys genuine interest in the company and position.

By following these tips, you’ll feel confident and prepared to put your best foot forward. Now go ace that interview!

Career Path Guide: How to Grow at Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone wants employees to stick around and continually grow their careers. Here are some typical paths for advancement:

From Ice Cream Maker to Shift Leader

After learning the ropes as an Ice Cream Maker for 6 months to 1 year, you can train in an elevated Shift Leader role.

Shift Leaders gain experience managing daily operations, delegating tasks, counting inventory, and overseeing staff. They enjoy a pay bump, too.

From Shift Leader to Assistant Manager

To move up to Assistant Store Manager, 1-2 years experience as a Shift Leader is often required.

Assistant Managers handle complex administrative duties like payroll, scheduling, reporting, and ordering supplies. It prepares you to become a Store Manager.

From Assistant Manager to Store Manager

After successfully supporting store operations as an Assistant Manager for 1-2 years, you’ll be ready to advance to Store Manager.

Store Managers oversee the entire location and staff. They earn a salary in the $40k-$50k range, depending on sales volume.

For motivated individuals seeking career advancement in retail management, Cold Stone offers an exciting path to climb the ladder over several years of tenure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Working at Cold Stone

Still, have some questions about building your scooping career at Cold Stone? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

How old do you need to be to work at Cold Stone?

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Cold Stone. Some locations may hire responsible 15-year-olds as well. Labor laws have restrictions for minors under 18.

What is training like at Cold Stone?

New hires complete 2 days of paid training focused on food safety, customer service, and hands-on practice making the ice cream. You’ll feel prepared when the activity finishes.

When are Cold Stone’s busiest times?

Expect hectic shifts on weekends, holidays, evenings, and summers. Cold Stone does accommodate school schedules if you have limited availability.

What should you wear to a Cold Stone interview?

Wear tidy, professional, casual clothing like khakis, closed-toed shoes, and a nice shirt. You want to look neat and ready to work with food.

Does Cold Stone offer flexible schedules?

Yes, Cold Stone works with students on balancing school and shifts. Availability impacts hiring, but they try to accommodate restrictions when possible.

What’s the worst part about working at Cold Stone?

Staff mention exhausting shifts during hectic times when long lines form. Closing shifts involve extensive cleaning tasks as well.

What’s the best part about working at Cold Stone?

Employees love the lively atmosphere, sweet ice cream perks, and bonds formed with coworkers. Opportunities to be creative with ice cream and make people smile make the job fun.

Turn Your Love for Ice Cream Into an Exciting Career

With its lively stores, innovative ice cream creations, and emphasis on customer service, Cold Stone offers a uniquely fun and rewarding work environment.

Cold Stone provides enriched careers with excellent perks and advancement potential from entry-level team members to store managers.

If you’re seeking a part-time or full-time job that allows you to turn your passion for ice cream into pay, look no further than Cold Stone. You can transform this gig into a long and meaningful career with the right motivation and work ethic.

So apply online today, and start chasing your ice cream dreams! The colorful Cold Stone uniform is calling your name.

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