bliss love is blind career

Bliss Love Is Blind Career

Have you been watching the latest season of Love is Blind on Netflix? If so, you’re probably familiar with one of the standout cast members of this season – Bliss. But what exactly was Bliss’ career and life like before going on Love is Blind?

In short, Bliss worked as an online nutrition coach and helped clients reach their health goals prior to being on the show. Appearing on Love is Blind gave her career a huge boost by exponentially growing her social media following and enabling her to turn her passion into a full-time job.

This in-depth blog post will explore Bliss’ career path, from studying health science in college to becoming a certified nutrition coach, and detail how being on the popular Netflix reality show acted as a catalyst to take her business to the next level.

We’ll look at:

  • What Bliss did career-wise before going on Love is Blind
  • Her nutrition coaching business prior to the show
  • How being on the show changed her career
  • Bliss’ coaching approach and philosophy
  • Her newfound Instagram influencer status
  • What’s next for her career after Love is Blind

Bliss Educational Background

Bliss’ interest in health and nutrition started back when she was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a minor in Biology. While at UNC, she was also on the dance team which further fueled her interest in fitness and wellness.

After college, Bliss went on to study Kinesiology at Georgia Southern University, although she did not complete her graduate studies there. Her passion for nutrition and exercise led Bliss to pursue certification as a nutrition coach.

Becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach

In 2017, Bliss became a certified nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM is considered one of the top accredited organizations for fitness certifications. To become certified, Bliss had to complete comprehensive courses on topics like nutritional assessment, macronutrients, micronutrients, nutrition for weight loss, behaviour change psychology, and more.

This extensive training equipped Bliss with in-depth knowledge on how food and nutrition impact the body. It allowed her to understand how to customize meal plans that help clients lose fat, build muscle, and improve overall health.

Launching Her Online Nutrition Coaching Business

Armed with her NASM nutrition coach certification, Bliss started her own online coaching business. She recognized that she could combine her skills in exercise, nutrition, and motivation to help people struggling to meet their diet and fitness goals.

As an online coach, Bliss worked with clients entirely remotely through her website and email. This allowed her to coach people all over the country and the world. She offered customized nutrition plans, grocery lists, recipes, and workout programs tailored to each individual based on their health goals and preferences.

For example, someone wanting to lose 30 pounds would get a completely different plan from someone looking to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Bliss didn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Her Client Base Before Love is Blind

In the first few years of her online coaching business, Bliss built up a small but loyal client base. She had clients she worked with for over a year to help them completely transform their health and physique.

However, as is the case with any new entrepreneur, finding new clients consistently was a struggle initially. She had to rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. Bliss also did not have much of an online following before Love is Blind with only around 5,000 Instagram followers.

While she was able to make a living online coaching, it required working with as many clients as possible. Being on reality TV changed the business landscape drastically for Bliss.

The Impact of Love is Blind on Bliss Brand

Everything changed career-wise for Bliss when she joined the cast of Love is Blind Season 3. The show, which premiered on Netflix in early 2023, was an instant hit drawing in tens of millions of viewers.

Being featured on the popular reality dating show gave Bliss exposure on a massive scale. Practically overnight, her Instagram exploded from around 5,000 followers to over 30,000 and counting.

This influx of followers completely transformed her business. It opened up partnerships with nutrition and fitness brands wanting to work with influencers. Bliss secured brand deals with companies like Liquid IV, Diff Eyewear, and more.

Most importantly, it brought a flood of people wanting Bliss’ personalized nutrition and workout coaching. It enabled her to easily fill her client roster and focus entirely on coaching rather than spending time pitching to potential new clients.

Essentially, going on Love is Blind acted as a launchpad to take Bliss’ passion for health coaching into a thriving full-time career.

Bliss’ Approach to Nutrition Coaching

Now that we’ve covered Bliss’ background and the growth of her coaching business, let’s look at her approach to nutrition and what you can expect if you become a client.

Bliss focuses on a balanced, sustainable approach to improving health and physique. As an online coach, she works with clients remotely, checking in and modifying diet and exercise plans weekly.

Her customized programs emphasize eating whole, minimally processed foods focusing on protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. However, she believes balance is critical and doesn’t prohibit entire food groups.

As Bliss says, it’s all about the 80/20 rule – eat healthy 80% of the time and allow treats 20% of the time so it’s maintainable long-term. This flexibility makes her plans more sustainable compared to extreme diets.

Supplementing the customized meal plan, Bliss provides at-home workout programs using just body weight, resistance bands, and dumbbells. The workouts combine HIIT cardio, strength training, mobility, and stretching to improve total body fitness.

Throughout the journey, she offers daily accountability, check-ins, and encouragement, and supports clients like a personal cheerleader. Bliss’ caring yet motivational personality shines through in her coaching.

Becoming an Instagram Influencer

In addition to exponentially growing her nutrition coaching business, appearing on Love is Blind propelled Bliss into becoming an Instagram influencer.

Her Instagram following grew from around 5,000 before the show to over 30,000 and rising after being featured on the hit Netflix series.

Bliss leveraged this huge platform to land partnerships and sponsorships with nutrition, fashion, and lifestyle brands. For example, she posted sponsored content for Liquid IV highlighting how she uses their electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.

She also incorporates affiliate links to relevant products into her Instagram captions. When followers purchase through those links, she earns a commission. This provides another revenue stream in addition to online coaching.

However, Bliss remains selective about the brands she works with, only promoting products she genuinely loves and uses herself. She turns down sponsorships that don’t authentically align with her personal brand.

Her Instagram serves not only as a platform for influencing but also to promote her nutrition coaching services. Bliss shares motivational messaging, diet tips, and before/after client success stories on her page which often generates new coaching clients.

What’s Next for Bliss’ Career?

Appearing on Love is Blind truly opened up endless possibilities for Bliss when it comes to her career. She’s leveraged her time on the show and newfound social media following to successfully grow her online coaching business.

But what’s next for Bliss? Here are some potential projects in the works:

  • Continuing expanding her nutrition coaching business: There’s still huge demand for Bliss’ coaching services. She plans to take on more clients now that she can devote all her time and energy to her business.
  • Opening her own smoothie and meal prep shop: Bliss wants to bring her nutrition coaching into the brick-and-mortar world by opening a store selling pre-made smoothies and healthy meals. This would allow her to reach even more people looking to improve their diets.
  • Releasing an ebook or online course: To help more people learn about health and nutrition, Bliss aims to launch a digital information product like an ebook or filmed course. This passive income stream would enable her to earn while helping others through educational content.
  • Increasing her influencer marketing on Instagram: Brand sponsorships on Instagram have proven successful for Bliss. As her follower count grows, she’ll continue partnering with brands as an influencer and providing affiliate links.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to Bliss building her personal brand after gaining immense exposure on Love is Blind. She has the potential to become a top health and lifestyle influencer, bestselling author, and successful entrepreneur or explore other opportunities that come her way.


Bliss worked hard to build her career as an online nutrition coach before getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on Love is Blind. Though the Netflix show was supposed to focus on her finding love, it unexpectedly became a game-changer for her professional life too.

Gaining a massive Instagram following from appearing on the show enabled Bliss to take her coaching business full-time. She’s just at the start of building her brand into an empire through new ventures like her own shop, books, or courses.

Bliss sets an inspirational example of how following your passion along with a serendipitous opportunity can lead to achieving career dreams. Her story shows that reality TV can act as a powerful platform that opens doors across different industries, even if you don’t win or come out with a relationship.

Bliss made the most of her chance on Love is Blind. Only time will tell how far she ascends as an entrepreneur, influencer, and inspiration to those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

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